Theron Salter and the Wolf on the Wall

by: Don Hadley

By Don Hadley

Theron Salter & the Wolf on the Wall

Fantasy Action & Adventure Novel

Theron Salter is the telling of a story of balance. The balance of tools and gifts, the balance of family, and the balance of seven worlds and their creatures. Each of the seven worlds was created in the beginning of time, each world made of matter different and unique from the others. Worlds placed in the same space operating independent of each other delicately balanced, until a bubble opens into the Earths world. Allowing creatures to enter into our world, creatures like Bigfoot, Lock Ness Monster, Mermaids and Unicorns. Seven gifts are granted only to one family line to put these creatures back where they belong. Only before were these gifts trusted to the most advanced men among us including Leonardo Di Vinci, Julies Vern, Mark Twain, and in 1957 a new balancer is born. But for the first time one is not alone in this quest of the keeping of the balance. Theron is a twin and he has a sister Twila. She is the first female to be a balancer and possess four of the seven gifts. Her brother holds the other three gifts. So together with these gifts they bring balance to the worlds.

This book is an adventure into the worlds just out of our sight. While confronting creatures you never thought could exist. It’s a family endeavor with the most unlikely of heroes and heroines.


Sparks flew in the darkness of the cosmos where winds began to whirl. Energy of a power unseen, a rocky core spun, attracting light, matter, and the frozen liquids that formed where nothing had existed. The first core of matter molded, begging a world. Then a second core of matter folded and molded, then a third. On and on it went until there were seven layers of spheres, each formed of different matter and each occupying the same space, yet spinning at different rates, causing them to phase into worlds separate one from another. Worlds upon worlds formed, seven times and with seven different set of rules to govern their base elements.”

– Theron Salter and the Wolf on the Wall


Don Hadley

I was born in the mountain town of Cedar City, Utah, where I grew up as a potato farmer this is where my parents taught me the farm ways. While growing up my first job was as a projectionist at the local movie house. While sitting up above the moviegoers in the projection booth I watched great stories night after night seeing visions of places, dimensions, and time travel.

I was fascinated with the lure of the mountains, the animals, and a Grandfather that was the last of the real mountain men in the west. To me, he was the legendary Cougar Joe. He was a bigger than life storyteller in a felt cowboy hat. I didn’t know I was being taught to tell a story but I must say I am a product of that visionary crusty ol’ cowboy. He along with others influenced me to become a writer. In my youth writing was not a pleasure to me it was difficult because I am dyslexic (that was considered a defect in those days). I found it was more of a gift like superman’s ability to bend steel. My superpower allows me to see the worlds of Theron Salter in its entirety and to tell his story. I see these worlds in a cube-like way with dimension where others can only see a square.

As an Engineer, I designed machines and found that my dyslexia allowed me to see in my head objects from all sides at the same time where others could not. Sometimes we place limitations on our self and others when they may be a superpower if looked at in a different way. Our gifts come in all shapes and sizes and to others, they may appear to be a “defect” but our flaws are usually our most beautiful features.

I have always thought the world we see is hiding something just out of our reach, something hovering just out of sight. Science has demonstrated that there are dimensions of existence other than the one in which we reside. Being a sotto scientist myself I wanted to experience what might be around that corner whatever that was. So I began to daydream about the possibilities of that existence. Asking myself are there Mermaids, could Bigfoot exist, and what stops them from being real? I have come to the conclusion that they do exist but maybe not in the exact way we have been taught that they should.

In school I was not interested in Standard English classes; I was a poor speller but a great storyteller. I was told there was no way I would ever be a writer even by my college professors. As my mother used to say “Don, you never listen.”

I guess I’m just Don a creature of the farm, guardian of the forest, and believer in the power of imagination.

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Theron Salter and the War of the Doides

By: Don Hadley

Earth is only one of the seven worlds that occupy the same space, seven dimensions where life exists. A variety of creatures live within those dimensions, mostly never knowing that the others live. Until barriers are breached, allowing creatures from one world to move freely through the defect into adjoining worlds. When the delicate balance is disrupted the world is sent down a path to destruction. Will this imbalance be cataclysmic to all worlds?

A Balancer of worlds is one gift person each generation; however, this generation Theron and his twin sister Twila share those gifts and have to battle forces who want to take away those gifts to destroy the balance. When it seemed the worst was behind them eleven-year-old twins face the battle of their lives the battle of the Doides.

Doides are placed creature, a builder race, yet their hive mind is taken over and they are turned into vessels of destruction. The only hope the earth has is the defense of the tiny mountain town where they have broken through barriers entering the world near the salter unwary home.

Has the wolf from the wall been defeated, cast off into oblivion, or was he behind the invasion? The smallest almost unseen creature was under the control of some force that threatened the destruction of life as the Salter knew it.

This is book 2 of 3


Josie and the Stone Baby

By: Don Hadley

The forest is home to creatures large and small also a place where some humans feel more at home than in their City’s. One such human is a young girl named Josie. Josie loves the forest and a particular outcropping of rocks she calls Josie’s rock. It’s at Josie’s rock that a secret forest creature comes into Josie’s life to change it forever. You will discover, wonder and be amazed as Josie grows up with the stone Baby. You will laugh, cry, and love every moment with this pair of nature’s creations.


This is book 1 of 3

Cougar Joe Mountain King

By: Don Hadley

Cougar Joe is the last of the mountain men at the ending of the Wild West. He is a tough character gray felt cowboy hat wearing man’s man. Go with him as he leads you into the wilderness in hunt of cougar, bears, and to face the challenges no ordinary man could face.

The meager life has rewards of its own, good food, love, and a chance to reach for the stars. Every person wants a better life yet must go through the tests along the way. Cougar Joe unleashes the heart, courage, and will to live that few possess.

When Cougar Joe was born his mother passed dad left him to be raised by the creatures of the forest where he spent most of his time. Come see the forest through the eyes of a true man of the mountains.

This is book 1 of 2

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